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| Japanese and Western buffet breakfast |

Tsukiji has a strong image of seafood sold in the outer market, but as it is called "Tokyo's kitchen", there are various foods such as meat, eggs, dried foods such as seaweed, tsukudani, and pickles.
The breakfast buffet at Vista Cafe not only uses plenty of ingredients directly from Tsukiji, but also freshly harvested pesticide-free hydroponic lettuce and croissants directly imported from French wheat dough. Please enjoy the "food of Tsukiji" that can only be eaten here.

Woman eating breakfast at the counter by the window

Buffet (Japanese food) Image
Buffet (Western-style) Image
Couple eating breakfast facing each other
Woman eating breakfast at the counter by the window

Image of Japanese menu
Image of Japanese menu
Image of Japanese menu (overhead view)

Image of Western-style menu
Image of Western-style menu (overhead view)
Image of Western-style menu (overhead view)

Recommended Menu (daily special)

| Seaweed and pickles from the Tsukiji Outer Market |

At Vista Café, we purchase seaweed and pickles, which are representative ingredients of Tsukiji, directly from the outer market.

If you've come all the way to Tsukiji, but didn't have time to go to the outer market, please try it in this place.

Photo of seaweed and pickles purchased at an off-site market

| Atsuyaki Tamago (a thick omelet) sandwich |

There are two types of thick omelet sandwiches: the ”Mentai Atsuyaki Egg Sandwich” with mentaiko paste, and the ”Mayonnaise Atsuyaki Egg Sandwich” with sliced ​​takuan mixed with mayonnaise.

The spicy mentaiko and sweet and spicy takuan are a perfect match for tamagoyaki with a dashi broth, making this a popular standard menu item.

Photo of original thick-baked egg sandwich

| Tsukiji Char Siu (grilled pork) Ramen |

Ramen from the morning, commonly known as "morning ra-". It was broadcast once on an information program and received a great response.

The char siu purchased from Tsukiji's long-established store "Oumiya Beef Store" is exquisite.

Photo of Tsukiji Chashu Ramen

| Beef Tendon Curry |

Tomato curry and keema curry are popular curries that change daily, and can be enjoyed by guests staying multiple nights.

Please enjoy the texture of slowly stewed beef tendon together with the mild spiciness of curry.

Beef tenderloin curry photo

| Gut stew |

Gut stew, a standard dish at the outer market, is served as one of the daily specials at Vista Cafe.

Please enjoy the gut meat soaked in sweet and spicy miso with cayenne pepper powder as you like.

Photo of Motsu-ni

| Homemade Tofu |

Each one is made by hand every morning and served in small portions.

Tofu is said to be effective in preventing hardening of the arteries, as it can efficiently digest and absorb high-quality protein from soybeans and contains various minerals including calcium, and vitamins B1, B2, E, etc.
Serve with salt, soy sauce, ginger, etc.

Pictures of Homemade Tofu

| Onion gratin soup style casserole & baguette |

Add the baguette to the onion soup and soften the baguette.

The sweetness of the onions and baguette are pleasantly mixed into the soup, which can also be enjoyed in a slightly Japanese style with a sprinkling of nori (seaweed).

Photo of Onion Gratin Soup Style Hot Pot & Baguette

| Edo miso Fukagawa rice gruel |

It is a collaboration of popular Fukagawa-meshi, Edo miso, and medicinal herbs.
Miso gayu (soybean paste gruel) made with refreshing, non-habitually sweet Edo miso is lavishly seasoned with mushrooms and scallions.

Serve with your favorite condiments such as green onions and ginger.

Edo Miso Fukagawa Rice Gruel Photo

Restaurant Information

VenueThe Second floor of the hotel [VISTA Cafe]
Opening Hours7:00〜10:00(Last entry 9:30)

An open lounge with tables and chairs made of "Karimoku Furniture", which has excellent practicality and design.
From the large windows, you can enjoy a bird's-eye view of the cityscape bathed in the morning sun.
Start your day with a relaxing time at Vista Cafe.

Sign of the store by the entrance

Photo of Vista Cafe interior