[Shinbashi Enbujo](2 min walk from the hotel)

The new building opened in 1925, with performances centering on Azuma-odori (Azuma dance: a dance performed by geisha in a ryotei restaurant). In World War II, the building was destroyed by fire, leaving only the outer perimeter, and was reconstructed in 1948. Today, it is used for Kabuki, Shinpa, Shochiku-Shinkigeki, Shinkokugeki, Zenshinza performances, as well as theatrical performances by singers, and after the renovation period of the Kabukiza Theater, it is also a permanent venue for grand kabuki performances.

Shinbashi Enbujo

[National Cancer Center Japan]
(3 min walk from the hotel)

Founded in 1962 as a national institution to serve as a center for cancer care and research, it has been a strong leader in cancer care and research in Japan ever since.
In addition to being newly reborn as an independent administrative institution in 2010 and designated as a national research and development corporation in 2015, the Central Hospital (Tsukiji Campus) and the East Hospital (Kashiwa Campus) were successively designated as core clinical research hospitals under the Medical Care Act.

National Cancer Center Japan

[Tsukiji Outside Market](3 min walk from the hotel)

Even after the relocation of the central wholesale market to Toyosu in 2018 and the bifurcation of market functions into Tsukiji and Toyosu, the market is still going strong as a commercial market. Commonly known as "Jogai," "Outside Market," or "Tsukiji Jogai," the market is adjacent to Tsukiji Market and includes retail stores and restaurants for marine products. The area is crowded with stores offering a variety of styles of gourmet food and take-out food.

Tsukiji Outside Market

[Kabukiza Theater](5 min walk from the hotel)

As a representative Kabuki theater, Kabuki performances are held monthly throughout the year.
Since its opening in 1889, the theater has been rebuilt four times, and the current theater was reopened in April 2013 as the fifth generation with state-of-the-art facilities and interior design after a three-year complete renovation.

Kabukiza Theater

[Ginza](9 min walk from the hotel)

Known as Japan's most expensive commercial district, it is lined with luxury brand stores, department stores, restaurants, cafes, and theaters. The sophisticated atmosphere and first-class shopping experience are the main attractions of the city, which offers everything from brands and traditional crafts to trendy items, and can be enjoyed from morning till night. At night, the city is lit up, creating an even more glamorous atmosphere.

[Tsukiji Honganji Temple]
(6 min walk from the hotel)

Originally built in 1617 near Asakusa, it was destroyed by a large fire, and was later erected in Tsukiji, where it stands today, but was destroyed by fire again in 1923. It was rebuilt in 1934 to its current appearance.
The main hall, with its innovative and solemn style inspired by ancient Indian style, is designated as an important cultural property and is crowded with tourists from abroad.

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